5 Hiring Practices for Construction Companies in 2021

Hiring employees in the construction industry can be tricky for a business owner. Finding the right skilled workers who have the passion to learn and grow, all while having the knowledge to do a skilled trade is a skill in and of itself. As you grow your business in construction, here are some tips that can help you compete with your competitors all while scaling your business.

#1: Create a Standard Hiring Process -

Having an organized step-by-step process for hiring employees is easier than you think. You want to make sure you have an easy and smooth transition that helps new employees start out on the right foot. For smaller companies, you want to look for candidates that are eager to get involved in a variety of areas of your business, this will help your small team develop and expand new and existing skill sets.

#2: Create Realistic Job Requirements -

When looking for new employees, you want to make sure that you job description is realistic. Duties and responsibilities should be easy to understand, adaptable and the ability to grow/develop those skills with the team you work with. You might have responsibilities, but it is the team that makes the dream work.

#3: Ask for Referrals from Current Employees, Family, and Friends -

Building your team within your network and the network around you can be really successful when trying to find the perfect new employee. Your current employees are your cheerleaders and can vouch for you about the company culture and what they do. These relationships also help build credibility and trust between employer and employee.

#4: Company Culture & Benefits -

This is one topic that has employers really struggling these days. Company culture and benefits should not be overlooked and undervalued as an employer. Your company culture should be a place where people come to work happy, excited and determined to grow. People want a place where they feel they can grow, feel appreciated, all while receiving a livable wage and decent benefits.

#5: Training Opportunities -

If you work in the construction industry, you probably have noticed that there is a shortage of skilled laborers out there. Well, let's fix that by finding people that might not be construction workers yet. Work with trade schools and high schools while you advertise an apprenticeship/mentorship program. You can then train fresh minds that are eager to learn. These new employees that graduate from your program become long-term employees that can help you build a positive company culture and mentor others the way you want, ultimately creating a consistent quality of work your business produces.