5 Reasons Contractors School Can Help Your Small Business

Two of the most prominent challenges entrepreneurs face each day are: “How do I start my business?” and “How can I Grow my Business?” If you have been asking yourself these questions, we can help you set up and maintain your business. We offer practical guidance through the contractor's processes of owning and maintaining your business. Our mission is to streamline the process of becoming a contractor. We support businesses by helping them establish and grow their company in Utah quickly and with confidence.

Here are 5 Reasons Contractors School can help your Small Business:

1. Full Business Setup:
  We help you set up your business, choose the right entity type, and begin the licensing process. You will also work with our CPAs to set up your accounts,          maximize tax savings, and help you prepare your articles of incorporation to file with the state.

2. Contractors License:
  Contractor’s School will guide you through our comprehensive licensing process, including completing the extensive licensing application.

3. Upgrading your License:
  Changes in Utah licensing regulations have allowed ANY existing 2-year licensee to upgrade their license to a higher license classification without taking a        test.

4. Writing a thoughtful Business Plan:
  Contractors School will help you develop a business strategy that will allow you to write down your goals, obtain those goals, and set up timeframes for those     goals.

5. Managing/Maintaining your Business:
  We handle any current business needs including, but not limited to: upgrade/revision of an existing license, replacement of qualifiers, business entity                  adjustments, and registered agent services.

So whether you are just starting or looking for some help in growing your business, Contractors School can help you start, build, and manage your business.
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