5 Tips For Attracting and Retaining Employees During A Pandemic

We are slowly coming out of COVID-19 hibernation as more and more people get the vaccine but this doesn’t mean we are out of the woods yet. Many people are still being cautious, not only about switching jobs, but also starting a new job after staying home and staying safe. You as an employer should be mindful of all the shifts we have taken, especially if you are looking for quality employees without a high turnover rate.

5 Tips for Attracting and Retaining Employees During A Pandemic:

1. Utilize all forms of media to find your ideal employee
         1. Online Job Fairs
         2. Social Media like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed etc.
         3. Touch base with your professional and personal network
By maximizing your efforts, you will have a bigger potential employee size that could lead to that long-term employee.

2. Update Your Network with Reputation Updates and Celebrations-
Did you win any awards? Did you do extraordinary things during the pandemic to help your employees? What are your company's mission and values? Top talent always research companies they are interested in. If your values or extraordinary things you did line up with their values, you could have a really strong employee.

3. State How You Are Handling The Pandemic -
If someone is going to make a career move, they will be looking for safety, flexibility, growth, and opportunity. Be honest about the impact and changes your business has gone through. Is there a work-from-home option? Are there health benefits? Do you offer flexible hours? All of these are important questions for candidates to look at, that will not only benefit themselves, but their family.

4. Human Connection -
Now more than ever, everyone is looking for a human connection. Some people have really strived with working from home, but others have really struggled without being in the office and having that face-to-face connection with other team members. Now is your time to shine. Create not only a welcoming job ad, but bring a positive impression to your interview-to-hiring process. This will leave a lasting impression within your company culture for your new long-term employee. Hire someone to invest in your company by investing time and resources in them.

5. Know your ideal candidate -
Talk with your team and get clear ideas on who your ideal employee is. Are you looking for someone like-minded, or maybe completely different? Are you looking for someone that can give you all the right answers on the spot or someone who can take a bit of time to think? Think about your company culture and what this employee needs to have in order to become an asset to your team.

Times are a bit different and who knows if things will go back to how they were or if we have already started a new normal. Whatever the answer is, these 5 tips will help you standout from the competition and ultimately help you to find your ideal employee.

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