Fraudulent Unemployment Claims

Throughout the pandemic, states across the country are experiencing an exponential increase in fraudulent unemployment claims.

These scams are being committed by unknown individuals who obtain “personal identifying information” of a person and use the individual’s information to apply for unemployment through the state agency.

Criminals are using some of the following to obtain this information through:

  • E-mail phishing schemes.

  • Purchasing stolen personal information.

  • Cold-call impersonation scams.

  • Physical theft of data (e.g., dumpster diving), among others.

What Employers should do in the meantime:

  • Be prepared and on high alert. Integrated Solutions will be on alert and will continue to review and research any notices from the state unemployment administrator.

Employers tend to be the first to learn of these scams when an unemployment notice is received regarding an existing employee. Please send any and all correspondence regarding unemployment to the Integrated office directly and we will research all inquiries to make sure these claims are legitimate and your business is protected.